28th October – 26th November 2017

Serra dei Giardini

Ulaanbaatarisation” exhibition is organized by RedHero and it is the outcome of “Urban Encounters: Between Migration & Mobility” –  a project devised by Stefan Rusu (artist, curator and art manager) and John Davis (media artist) co-organized in collaboration with Arts Council Mongolia from UlanBator, in partnership with – Mongolian State Archive and MNB Mongolian National Broadcast TV, Mongolia, that took place between April-May 2017 in Ulaanbaatar.

“Urban Encounters: Between Migration & Mobility” was designed to foster a critical engagement by artists toward the current condition of post-socialist societies and the notions of migration (in-migration) and mobility from rural to urban areas, as well the tensions between the nomadic and settled communities, between rural and urban cultures and its economic and social implications, resulted in extensive urbanization of the city of Ulaanbaatar.

The project comprised 2 weeks workshop, theoretical and practical sections, as well assisted hands-on labs and working sessions on digitizing 16mmm and 35mmm analogue films facilitated by Mongolian State Archive and MNB Mongolian National Broadcast TV. The project was focused on in-depth exploration of the use of archival material, the aesthetics of appropriation, sampling, “detournement”, and the transfer of cinematic language to digital forms.

The exhibition ‘Ulaanbaatarization’ includeD twelve videos by seven Mongolian artists.
The works reflect upon the fast urbanization that Mongolia, and particularly its capital city Ulaanbaatar, has had from 1930s until 1990s. The economical growth of the city had brought many nomads living in the steppe to move in the urban areas of the country changing
their lifestyle and their nomadic culture for good. The videos highlight the consequences of these events, from a contemporary and Mongolian perspective.

The artists involved in the exhibition were: Maralgua Badarch, Baterdene Batchuluun, Altantovch Bat-Ochir, Darkhijav Jadambaa, Zoljargal Purevdash, Narbayasgalan Ulambayar and Zulaa Urchuud.