Ye Shanghai / Roberto Paci Dalò

2 June 2013

Serra dei Giardini, Venice

Ye Shangai is a video produced in collaboration with Power Station Art and Arthub Asia and premiered in September 2012 at the SH Contemporary Art Fair. The work is a testimony to the ghetto history of the Chinese megalopolis, "a patch of land that welcomed 23,000 refugees fleeing from Europe before and during the Second World War, forming the largest Jewish community in the East. A city within the city, extremely heterotypical, where every Yiddish community has brought back and rebuilt its roots and its life ". For the programming of MICROCLIMA, Ye Shanghai was presented as an audio-video performance. The audience was thus involved in an experience which included the assemblage of an amateur archive of images dating back to 1933-1949 and remained in storage for at least 60 years at the British Film Institute in London, accompanied by a musical performance with electronic sounds and more traditional one.