Studio Roulotte

July-August 2012

Starting in the month of July 2012, the “Greenhouse of Venice” – Serra dei Giardini di Castello, hosted STUDIO ROULOTTE, a mobile audio recording studio built into an Adria Caravan camping trailer from the 1980’s. This vintage camping trailer, outfitted with both analog and digital recording gear, stopped in the gardens of the greenhouse of Castello. The installation wanted to be a generative nucleus of sharing, meeting, and performance. This unique mobile recording studio was developed with the intent of facilitating projects and partnerships within unaccustomed environments. The musician’s work was conveyed from a private space to a public one, the rolling Roulotte from the mainland to the lagoon of Venice.

STUDIO ROULOTTE has been equipped as a audio recording studio to remove musical limitations and environmental stresses that normally can inhibit the work of musical artists. This nomadic studio setup overcomes the limitations of time and space, while opening the possibility of collaboration, enhancing the creative process. Within this creative hub, musicians from various backgrounds and origins have been invited as well as spontenous drop-in musicians passing by. The aim was to create an oasis of collaboration, while providing a flexible situation with a low environmental impact. Theater patrons, stu- dents, citizens, artists and travelers alike will come together at this point of conversion; a city square where their paths cross. STUDIO ROULOTTE was therefore conceived as a space of propulsion around which labs, jam sessions, concerts, events and meetings can evolve and develop.

This project conceived by Michela Intra is coordinated by MICROCLIMA and Angelo Cacciolato in collaboration with select musical guests. With support from the department of Politiche Giovanili, STUDIO ROULOTTE was part of the Festival of Serra dei Giardini, in conjunction with the opening of the 13.Biennale Internazionale di Architettura di Venezia curated by Raffaella Guidobono.