Kourva 47 / Amikam Toren and John Clayman


Shot over one year on the site of a dramatic conversion of a late Victorian London house in 2010. The film records the radical refurbish- ment of the house from its demolition to its subsequential reconstruc- tion. The film is a portrait of work. The images gradually show the original anatomy of the building through its partial destruction. Two cameras were activated twice a week for three hours, every week until the work in the house was completed. One mobile camera followed in real time the building works, the other was positioned on a fixed post at the back of the garden.

The film (over 120 hours) will play throughout November. It will be projected onto the facade of the greenhouse of the Biennale gardens from dusk every evening, being fully visibile from Viale Garibaldi.

The Victorian house was converted with the constraint of keeping the facade intact. In the same way the greenhouse of the gardens, during the recent restoration, has maintained its external appearance almost intact whilst being altered substantially in its interior.

Amikam Toren (1945, Israel) lives and works in London;

John Clayman (1964, UK) lives and works in London.