Helicotrema / Recorded audio festival

14 – 15 – 16 June 2012
Serra dei Giardini, Venezia

Curated by Blauer Hase in collaboration with Giulia Morucchio.

The first edition of Helicotrema was presented at Serra dei Giardini as a three-day festival that presented a program of recorded audio pieces by a selection of international artists and authors. The expression ‘recorded audio pieces’ originates from a lack of terms, in the current cultural lexicon, to indicate such timeline-based formats using solely the audio component. Secondly, such expression reveals the will of the project to investigate the status of a certain space-time dedicated to the gathering of an audience in order to listen to a recorded audio piece. In this sense, if such gatherings are the elements that constitute a film festival, the possibility to question such festival format for audio pieces is yet to be explored. The production of a space-time dedicated to timeline-based audio formats is the main objective of this proposal.

Helicotrema was organized as part of the MICROCLIMA project, and supported by Senato degli Studenti – UniversitĂ  IUAV di Venezia and by Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace – Municipality of Venezia, under the patronage of Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.